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No Outsiders

There are No Outsiders at our school


We are currently holding meetings with parents to inform them about a programme of work called No Outsiders and to discuss how this reflects our ethos of inclusion, non-discrimination and recognition and celebration of diversity. These lessons are a small part of the PSHE curriculum that all children are taught from EYFS through to Y6. The lessons ensure the school meets the requirements of the Equality Act of 2010 and emphasise the need for tolerance and respect within our school community and beyond.


Mrs Hemraj and I have planned a number of meetings with parents which have started with classes in Y6 and are working down through the school. By Easter we hope to have met with parents from all of the KS2 classes. We will then move on to KS1 and Reception after the holiday.


We are explaining to parents how No Outsiders is a part of our ethos and is being taught in the context of the 2010 Equality Act. It is being explained to parents that No Outsiders is working to recognise and celebrate all forms of diversity and covers all kinds of discrimination, including age, disability, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. The meetings give parents an opportunity to look at the book resources and to look at the planning that goes with them.


No Outsiders is not about promoting one group above another but it is about helping children to recognise difference and to develop tolerance, respect and understanding.


Whilst there has been support from some parents for this programme following the meetings, I am aware that some parents have differing views. Some parents have expressed concern even though they have not yet attended a meeting. I would urge you to remain open-minded until you have had the opportunity to attend a meeting and express your views after our presentation and having looked at the resources that will be shared with you. Your child will have either brought a letter home already, or will be doing so, to inform you when parents of your child’s class are being invited in for a meeting.




Below are the dates for future meetings with parents to inform you about No Outsiders. If you have been unable to attend so far but would like to come to one of the meetings below, please let us know.


Dates for future meetings:


Monday 26th March at 9am - 4W parents

Monday 26th March at 2pm - 3FM parents

Tuesday 27th March at 9am - 3B parents

Wednesday 28th March at 2pm - 3M parents


Monday 16th April at 2pm - 2A parents

Tuesday 17th April at 9am - 2K parents

Wednesday 18th April at 9am - 2L parents

Wednesday 18th April at 2pm - 1A parents

Thursday 19th April at 9am - 1H parents

Friday 20th April at 2pm - 1R parents


Monday 23rd April at 9am - RF parents

Monday 23rd April at 2pm - RH parents

Tuesday 24th April at 9am - RMH parents