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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Senior Leadership Team
Mr A Beale Head Teacher
Miss I Paddem Deputy Head Teacher/Inclusion Leader
Mrs A Halbert N2T Leader - KS2
Mrs H Hazelwood             Assistant Head Teacher - Pupil Premium / EYFS Leader
Mrs M Hemraj N2T Leader - EYFS/KS1
Mr J Hughes Assistant Head Teacher - Lower KS2 Leader
Mrs P Kelly School Business Manager
Miss N Khan Assistant Head Teacher - Maths /   KS1 Leader
Miss S Martin Assistant Head Teacher - English / Upper KS2 Leader
Teaching Staff
Mrs G Foster Nursery teacher
Mrs S Halton Reception teacher (job share)
Mrs H Mahmood Reception teacher (job share)
Miss S Hussain Reception teacher
Miss I Kauser Reception teacher
Miss K Aston Year 1 teacher
Mrs F Siddique Year 1 teacher (job share)
Miss T Raybone Year 1 teacher
Mrs S Khan Year 2 teacher (job share)
Mrs N Abbas Year 2 teacher (maternity leave)
Miss Z Ali Year 2 teacher
Miss S Latif Year 2 teacher
Mrs N Bhugvandeen     Year 3 teacher
Miss A Miles Year 3 teacher
Miss S Wootton Year 3 teacher
Mrs H Choudhury Year 4 teacher
Miss L Nisa Year 4 teacher
Miss Y Nishikawa Year 4 teacher
Miss A Burns Year 5 teacher
Miss R Rafiq Year 5 teacher
Miss C Benton Year 5 teacher (job share)
Mrs K Nessa Year 5 teacher (job share)
Mr M Genner Year 6 teacher
Mrs J Saleh Year 6 teacher
Miss D Carrick PPA P.E teacher
Mr J Crawford P.E. Instructor
Mrs E Dattani PPA Music teacher
Mrs N Folbigg Reading Recovery / Forest Schools Leader
Mrs J Holmes PPA Languages teacher (part-time)
Mrs M Hemraj PSHE & SMSC Leader /   Assistant KS1 Leader
Support Staff
Mr N Semper Learning Mentor
Miss R Cracolici Learning Mentor
Miss T Matthews Learning Mentor (maternity leave)
Ms R Khatun Play/Breakfast Club Manager
Mr H Kane Play Co-ordinator
Mrs S Kalsoom HLTA (KS2)
Mrs R Kauser HLTA (EYFS/KS1)
Miss S Abadat L3 Teaching Assistant
Miss M Akhtar L3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Begum L3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Begum L3 Teaching Assistant
Miss S Begum L3 Teaching Assistant
Miss   A   Bi L3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Buchan L3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Choudhury L3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Jan L3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Kaur L3 Teaching Assistant
Mr A Khan L3 Teaching Assistant
Mr Z Khan L3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Murphy L3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Nawaz L3 Teaching Assistant
Miss S Naz L3 Teaching Assistant
Mr J Noor Raja L3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Rashid L3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Shaheen L3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Stephens L3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Choudhury Parent Support Advisor
Mrs C Jackson Library Manager
Mrs F Jabeen Office Manager
Mrs L Smith Administrative Assistant
Ms L Williams Clerical Assistant
Mr I Marlowe ICT Operations Manager
Mr N Head Site Manager
Mr G Marlowe Building Services Supervisor
Mrs F Ahmed Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Akhtar Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Z Ali Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Z Amin Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Bagum Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Begum Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs F Begum Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Begum Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Z Begum Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs R Choudhary Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Hassan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Z Hersi Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T Hussain Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Z Khalifa Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B Marshall Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms G McGregor Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms F Munsif Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Z Parveen Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs F Shabbir Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs R Shaheen Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms S Tabassam Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Uddin Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J McCoy Kitchen Manager (Churchill Catering Services)
Mrs J Byrne Deputy Kitchen Manager (Churchill Catering Services)
Ms M Bailey Kitchen general assistant
Mrs M Begum Taji Kitchen general assistant
Mrs K Ellis Kitchen general assistant
Mrs M Lally Kitchen general assistant
Mrs A Obadi Kitchen general assistant
Mrs Z Shaffi Kitchen general assistant