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Information about Coronavirus

Guidance for parents and families - Full school reopening March 2021

Regents Park Community Primary School - Risk Assessment for full reopening from March 8th 2021



My child is ill. Do they have Coronavirus and should I send them to school?

Obviously, if a child is unwell they wouldn't normally come to school anyway. However, just because a child is unwell doesn't mean that they have Coronavirus - they may have sickness, flu or a normal cold for instance.

The symptoms of Coronavirus to look out for are listed on the NHS website:

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

If your child has any of these symptoms then you should let us know, keep the child off school and go online to get advice and book a test. If any member of your family is showing symptoms, all the people in your household should self-isolate for 10 days and get tested if they begin to show symptoms.


What should I do if my child or a member of our household develops symptoms of Coronavirus?

If your child or a member of your household has developed symptoms of Coronavirus, you should all self-isolate immediately. You should let school know as soon as you can that you are self-isolating.

Anyone with symptoms should book a test online (

You should let school know what the outcome of the test is whether it is positive or negative.


What should I do if my child has a test for Coronavirus and it is negative?

If your child has a negative test result, please contact school to let us know. It may be that as soon as they are feeling well again they will be able to return to school.


What will happen if my child tests positive for Coronavirus?

If your child has a test which is positive for Coronavirus, you should let school know as soon as possible, normally by ringing the office on 0121 464 6746. If it is out of school hours, you can send an email to This is because we may need to close your child's class bubble so we need to know as soon as possible so that we can contact all the other parents in that class to let them know.

Your child will need to self-isolate for 10 days. If your child has had a positive test result then other members of the household will also have to self-isolate for 1 days even if they show no symptoms at that time.

How will you contact parents to let us know that you are closing my child's class bubble?

During the school day, we will ring you to let you know. It may be that we need to close the bubble straight away and ask you to collect the children immediately.

If we need to contact you out of school hours or at weekends, we will send you a text message to let you know and, at some time in the next day or so, a member of staff will ring you to give you an update on what to do next.

It is essential that your contact details are correct and we have an up to date mobile phone number for all parents and carers so we can ring or send text messages.

If you haven't received a text message from school recently, the likelihood is that your phone number is not up to date. Please call the office to update your number as soon as possible.


What will happen to my child's class bubble if another child tests positive?

When a child tests positive, unfortunately we will have to close the child's class bubble. Although the other children in the bubble may not be displaying symptoms, they will still need to self-isolate away from school for 10 days.


What will happen if a member of staff that works in my child's class bubble tests positive for Coronavirus?

If  a member of staff who works with your child's class bubble tests positive then the parents of all the children in that bubble will be told that the bubble will have to close and all the children will have to self-isolate away from school for 10 days.


What will happen about my child's learning if their class bubble is closed and they are self-isolating?

If your child has to self-isolate because their class bubble is closed, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know about what they can be doing at home. They will be given remote learning to do similar to when the whole school was closed during lockdown in January and February.

It may be that children are either given paper-based learning or online learning to complete. Your child's class teacher or another member of staff will be in touch to let you know as soon as they can.


My child has been sent home to self-isolate. Should I get her/ him tested?

You should only get your child tested if they are showing symptoms. Children are asked to self-isolate as a precaution and it doesn't mean they have or will even get Coronavirus.


If my child is asked to self-isolate, does that mean that everyone in the family has to self-isolate too?

No, your child may be self-isolating and not be in school; however, the rest of the family can still go to school or work. This would change if your child (or any other member of the household) develops symptoms of Coronavirus - this would mean everyone in the family would have to self-isolate and the person with symptoms should get tested.


I have a child in a class who has been told to self-isolate but they have brothers/ sisters in other classes. Should I send them to school?

Yes. Only the child in the class bubble which is closed should self-isolate unless they themselves are showing symptoms. If they do show symptoms then all the family should self-isolate and any children with symptoms should get tested.


A class bubble has closed and those children have been told to self-isolate. My child is in the same year group. Should I send them to school?

Yes. The children are being kept apart in class bubbles as much as possible so it is unlikely to affect children in any other class bubble or in any other year group.


If a child or a member of staff tests positive will you tell all the parents in school?

No. Information about a child or staff member's illness is personal information which shouldn't be shared by anyone. We will only contact the families of children in the class bubble to let them know their class bubble will be closed. We will not tell them who has tested positive or whether it is a child or a staff member.

Parents should not share personal information about any individual including their illness with anyone else.


How are you making sure that school is safe for children and staff?

We are following all the Government and Local Authority guidelines. We are making sure that:

  1. We are social distancing as much as we possibly can. Children in primary schools are not expected to keep 1m+ away from each other at all times and it is difficult for them to do so. But where possible they are expected to keep a reasonable distance apart from each other.
  2. We are aiming to minimise contact between groups in school. This is why we have set up class bubbles and year group bubbles. Most of the time children will be in their class bubble being taught by their class teacher. Class bubbles are not allowed to mix with other class bubbles indoors. There will be some occasions when children are in year group bubbles but this will be when they are outdoors at lunchtime and playtimes.They will not be allowed to mix with other year group bubbles at these times however.
  3. We are increasing the focus on handwashing and hygiene routines. There are more handwashing stations around school and children are being encouraged to wash their hands throughout the school day.
  4. We are increasing the frequency of cleaning around school. There is cleaning before and after the school day and also during lunchtimes. We will also be having a deeper clean on Wednesday afternoons when school is closed at lunchtimes.
  5. We are also encouraging all families and staff to follow Government guidance on self-isolation, quarantine, testing and track and trace procedures.