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Sports Premium

Sports Premium Statement – Regents Park Primary School


What is the ‘Sport Premium’?


In April 2013 the Government announced new funding of £150 million for Physical Education (PE) and Sport – often referred to as a ‘Sport Premium’.  This funding is to be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision.


When asked about the 'Sport Premium' at its launch, Lord Coe reflected: ‘When I stood up in Singapore in 2005, I spoke of London's vision to connect young people with the inspirational power of the Games so they are inspired to choose sport. By focussing on primary schools, we have the opportunity to use sport and physical activity to shape the daily lives of young people. I know from my own experience what an impact teachers and their engagement can have on the lives of young people.’  (Lord Coe)


P.E. and Sports Premium | 2016-17

(Balance brought forward) Total allocation £3,523

*Trophies and medals for sports day £254.41

*Sports equipment £724.29

*GB athletes PE lessons and assemblies £989


Total spent: £2946.20

Remaining: 576.80


Plans for remaining £576.80

  • Subsidise sporting trip to Birmingham city/Alexander stadium
  • Chance to shine cricket coaching 



P.E. and Sports Premium | 2015-16

Total allocation £10,187

£4,208 (Apr-Aug) & £5,979 (Sept-Mar)


2015/16 allocation has been spent on;


* Salary costs for specialist P.E teachers £4,208

* Purchase of specialist sports equipment and resources £ 866

* Purchase of P.E kits to increase participation in P.E lessons & sports kits to raise the profile of competitive sport competitions £1,040

* Sports writer workshop (Dan Freedman) £ 300

* Subscription to professional cricket training/competitions (Edgbaston Cricket Club) £ 250


Impact of Sports Premium spending

  • The number of sports club sessions has increased significantly, with the school offering after school clubs Monday-Thursday.

  • Increased competitiveness in the school through creation of school teams, who compete against other local schools.

  • Increased levels of participation in PE lessons.

  • Children provided with the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports such as golf, netball and volleyball.

  • More opportunities provided too inspire children to participate in sporting activities, such as working with GB athletes.