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Attendance and Punctuality


We believe that pupils cannot learn if they are absent from school. Therefore, we aim to ensure that all our pupils take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them and to raise standards by promoting regular attendance and punctuality.

We are committed to providing an education of the highest quality for all our pupils. We believe high attainment depends on good attendance.

We hope that you will continue to support us in improving our school attendance by making sure the children are here everyday and learning. 

School begins at 8.40am so please ensure that your child is ready to start on time. 



Attendance 2018-19



Early Years Foundation Stage Nursery  92.04%
Reception 93.71%
Key Stage 1 Year 1 95.75%
Year 2 95.97%
Key Stage 2 Year 3 96.13%
Year 4 96.08%
Year 5 96.34 %
Year 6 96.44 %
        Overall Whole school Attendance (including Nursery and Reception) 95.72%
        Statutory Age Pupils 96.13%
        School Target 96.5%

Attendance Autumn 1 2019-20


Nursery                                          89.85%

Reception                                    93.83%

Year 1                                           96.79%

Year 2                                           97.59%

Year 3                                           96.41%

Year 4                                           97.27%

Year 5                                           96.81%

Year 6                                           98.9%

                                                    Attendance including Nursery and Reception 96.71%

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