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Ideas to support your child's reading at home


  • Create a reading Nook. Making up a cosy spot just for book time is a great trick to create positive reading, just gather up some fluffy pillows and pile up some books and separate your snugly corner with a cardboard wall.
  • Follow the word path. Make a trail of cards with words that your kids have just learnt and turn them into a game. Let's see who can get the furthest with spelling out all the words correctly!
  • Make an alphabet poster with your child and hang it in their bedroom.
  • Write labels for objects in their bedroom.
  • Look at magazines and newspapers with your child.
  • Create a scrapbook. Cut out pictures of people and places and label them.
  • Make your own bookmark. Reading is more fun when you have a homemade bookmark to mark your spot.
  • Try making up your own songs and rhymes. Try to use rhymes with actions and draw children's attention to alliteration and rhyming.
  • Create a book with your child by folding pieces of paper in half and encouraging them to write words/sentences on each page and add their own pictures.
  • Read a book daily by accessing Bug Club on our school website. Usernames and passwords will be sent via text.
  • Please use any of the attached documents to support your child's reading at home.


Please read the Phase 2 and Phase 3 letter sounds daily with your child

Practice reading and writing 5 words daily from each column

Work through these activities throughout the week