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Lesson 6 - Escape the lighthouse (Week 6)

Escape the lighthouse game: 

You are on holiday with your family and have had a fabulous time on the beach. You notice there is a lighthouse and ask your mum if you can go and explore it. Mum agrees, so you and your sister dash on ahead. 

“Race you up to the top!” you shout, as you and your sister Lucy hurtle up the spiral staircase.

After a while, you hear your Mum call up from below, “Come on you two, let’s head back to the beach.”

“OK,” you call back, “won’t be a minute.”

Suddenly, you hear a bang as the door at the bottom of the lighthouse slams shut! You rush down the stairs and realise there is no way to open the door. You are trapped! Luckily, you notice that there is a keypad beside the door which needs a code with six digits.

You must solve the clues hidden around to work out the code and escape the lighthouse. Good luck!

The rules: 

•When you find a clue, work together to solve the puzzle.

•Write your answer down on your answer sheet.

•Once you have discovered the number for the keypad, check it to discover if you can escape the Lighthouse!