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Pupil Premium

Schools receive £1,385 for any child who has been eligible for free school meals during the last six years. They also receive funding for pupils who are looked after by the local authority or who are in care for adoption, guardianship and two other ‘orders.’ This money is known as the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG). 


Our children have different barriers to learning; the most common barriers for our disadvantaged children are that they are less likely to have support at home with their learning. They may also have limited new and exciting opportunities which sometimes causes them to have low aspirations. Some of our disadvantaged children may also have weaker language and communication skills and they are more likely to have significant issues in basic Literacy and Numeracy skills. They may also have poor attendance and punctuality. Another barrier to learning for some of our disadvantaged children is low confidence and resilience and we have seen an increasing number of our children struggling with anxiety. 


We carefully plan how our funding is spent and research the most effective strategies to help overcome these barriers. We analyse the impact of our strategies to ensure they are helping to diminish the difference between the attainment of our disadvantaged children compared to other children both in school and nationally. All our disadvantaged children benefit from the strategies that we have in place. 


At Regents Park Community Primary School, we recognise that high quality teaching and interventions are the most effective strategies to diminishing the difference between the achievements of our disadvantaged children compared to other pupils. We use the funding to ensure our children benefit from having individual and small group support. We have also spent funding on Early Years intervention in order to diminish the difference between disadvantaged and other children at an earlier age as research suggests this is one of the most effective strategies.  


We recognise that some children can be helped to reach their potential through having targeted support for their social, emotional and behaviour needs therefore the funding is used to run our Breakfast club and enables us to have a play therapist, speech and language therapist and a learning mentor. We have also used the funding to build a sensory room to support children with additional needs and a peer mediation room. 


The funding is also used to give our pupils new opportunities and experiences such as working with an artist, learning to play a musical instrument and having sessions in our forest school. The funding also contributes to educational visits so the children can have exciting and new opportunities and enhance their learning. Please look at our twitter page to see the exciting things our children have been doing. 


We would encourage any eligible parents/carers to apply for free school meals as it helps us to fund additional support for individual learners. This can be in the form of learning interventions or pastoral support, and it is used to provide extra-curricular and new opportunities for the children. If you are unsure about your eligibility, please contact school for further information.  


The table below shows the breakdown and total funding we will receive this year and our strategy plan outlines how we intend to use the funding and why we have chosen specific strategies.  




Pupil premium funding allocation this academic year 


Early years pupil premium 


Recovery premium funding allocation this academic year 

* Provisional allocation for academic year 


Pupil premium funding carried forward from previous year  


Total budget for this academic year