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Regents Park Community Primary School

Believe in Yourself - Anything is Possible!


Family rules

Family rules:

  • Write a set of family rules, could they begin with ‘We always…..’ rather than ‘We do not ………’

  • Think about what is important in your house... Do you have any rules already?

  • Use bullet points to make your points

  • Finish your family rules with a new family motto. e.g.

  • We can do anything together.                Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible.


Family rules

  • We always eats together with no technology. Spend quality time together talking and eating.
  • Everyone must be kind to one another.
  • We are always polite to one another.
  • Everyone should help with the household chores e.g. washing up and drying up.
  • We all read for 15 minutes a day.

When you cannot see the sunshine, be the sunshine.