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11. How are staff trained to support the needs of my child?

All school staff will receive appropriate training so they have the knowledge and confidence to support children’s’ needs.


  • The Senior Leadership Team will plan Continued Professional Development.

  • The SENCo will work with external professional to plan specific training to meet the needs of the school community as well as meeting the needs of individuals (including Autism, Speech and Language Therapy, Supporting pupils with Hearing and Visual Impairments).

  • Our Senior Learning Mentor has been trained by the Communication Autism Team to support staff and pupils.She is the Lead Practitioner in school for Autism.

  • Student profiles regularly reviewed and available.

  • Annual Child Protection and Safeguarding Training.

  • Annual Asthma and Allergy Training.

  • Teaching Support Assistants will have training to run interventions such as Direct Teaching and Precision Teaching.

  • Our Senior Learning Mentor is trained to deliver Listening Matters for pupil with emotional needs.