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The Sunshine Room & The Sunrise Room

The Sunrise Room and Sunshine Room is a place for children with Special Education Needs to experience extra support to enable them develop to the best of their ability at Regents Park. Teaching techniques are personalised to the individual child to meet their targets. Lessons are fun and engaging through sensory and outdoor learning in Forest School.  

Art allows children to explore in many ways which includes:

  • Building  fine motor and problem solving skills
  • Enhancing communication and expression
  • Promoting self-esteem and motivation to succeed.

We have artists working with children focusing on what children can do rather than what they.


At Regents Park Forest School is a child-led learning environment that offers unstructured opportunities to play and develop through a supported and exploratory approach.


We provide children with sensory interactions that enables them with sensory stimulation which is all natural, moving at a seasonal rhythm, with peacefulness and mindfulness. This develops physical, social and emotional development and encourages communication, confidence building and strengthening their emotional control, which improves self-awareness and well being.


In Regents Park Community Primary School we know that music plays a powerful part in our lives and in the lives of the children. Music is a great way to help and connect with children with special needs.