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The Sunshine Room & The Sunrise Room

The Sunrise and Sunshine Rooms

Miss Hussain and Mrs Foster are the teachers for children with Special Educational Needs.

Miss Musif, Miss Hermon, Miss Iqbal, Miss Wright and Mrs Stephens work in both classrooms and across school to support the children to access learning in both in the Sunrise and Sunshine rooms and in their classrooms.

The Sunrise Room and Sunshine Rooms are a place for children with Special Education Needs to experience extra support to enable them develop to the best of their ability at Regents Park. Teaching techniques are personalised to the individual child to meet their targets. Lessons are fun and engaging through a sensory curriculum and outdoor learning.

In the Sunrise Room we set up daily sensory activities based around stories, songs and celebrations. We plan activities using the children's individual targets and guidance from Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and the Communication and Autism Team.

In the Sunshine Room we teach small group Phonics, English and Maths lessons based on the children's ITP targets in the mornings and in the afternoons we focus on learning through music, art, cooking and computing.

At Regents Park Forest School is a child-led learning environment that offers unstructured opportunities to play and develop through a supported and exploratory approach. The children visit the Forest School in small groups and with their own year groups throughout the week.


We provide children with sensory interactions that enables them with sensory stimulation which is all natural, moving at a seasonal rhythm, with peacefulness and mindfulness. This develops physical, social and emotional development and encourages communication, confidence building and strengthening their emotional control, which improves self-awareness and well being.


In Regents Park Community Primary School we know that music plays a powerful part in our lives and in the lives of the children. Music is a great way to help and connect with children with special needs.

Each week Emma the music lady visits us and she plans sessions based on our current themes and topics and the children's personal interests. The children look forward to seeing what Emma has in her 'magical bag' and they will sing, dance and play instruments alongside Emma and the other adults.


Children with Special Educational Needs may have additional communication and interaction needs.

In school staff use Widget picture cards for reference and each child has their own Now and Next board.

We are also beginning to teach the children some sign language to enable them to communicate their wants and needs.

Can you support your child by using these signs at home?