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Regents Park Community Primary School

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Welcome to Reception! 


Reception Teachers

RMH – Mrs Mahmood and Mrs Halton and the class is supported by Mrs Akhlaq and Mrs Akhtar.

RG – Miss Ghaffar and the class is supported by Mrs Shaheen and Mrs Begum.


Mrs Kauser helps across the two classes in Reception.


AHT for EYFS - Miss Turner



The School Day

Our day starts at 8:40am for start of the day activities. It is important that all children arrive on time into class. The children finish at 3:00pm and any children who have a sibling will be dismissed from Dixon Rd and non siblings are dismissed from Camelot Way.


A typical day in Reception 

8:40 - 8:55  - Start of the day activities such as name writing and fine motor activities

9:00 – 9.30 - Phonics

9.30 - 10.00 - Literacy focus

10.00- 11.00- Child initiated learning indoors and outdoors

11.00 - 11.30 – Dough Disco

11.30 - 12.15 - Dinner Time 

12.15 - 12:35 - Maths focus

12.35- 2.20 - Child initiated learning indoors and outdoors

2.20 - 2.40 - Snack time and phonics keep up

2.40-2.55- Story and rhyme time

3.00 - Home time 


On Wednesday mornings we have PE and forest school. The children can come to school in their PE kits, remember to bring their warm coats and wellies!





Please share a book with your child every night. As they begin to read

words and sentences themselves, they will bring reading books home to

read to you.










Our Classrooms

We hope to offer the children an exciting and interesting environment to explore freely. We provide lots of collections of resources in baskets for the children to independently access. We aim to provide opportunities for children to explore their own ideas and learn through play with them being independent in their choices allowing child led inquiry to take place.

Outdoor Learning

We believe experiences outdoors are important for children's development and learning.

We provide the opportunity for children to explore through play in the outdoor environment which uses the space and nature that we have. We provide opportunities for developing skills in communication, reading, writing, maths and problem solving through outdoor learning.

There are a variety of resources available to the children which encourage risk taking and help support physical development such as large construction blocks, wooden planks and crates.

Our first half term in Reception


The children have had a busy time in Reception. All of the children have settled into their new environments and have established lots of new friendship groups.


This term we have been learning about Our Families, Pete the Cat and The Gingerbread Man and this week we are learning all about the changes in the weather during Autumn time. 


The Children have been very busy learning new graphemes during our daily phonics lessons and have been having a go at writing and applying their own phonic knowledge. 


The children have been developing their understanding of numbers 1-5. They enjoy watching Numberblocks to support their learning. These are educational programmes available to watch on BBC IPlayer. The children have also demonstrated they are able to subitise numbers. If you're not sure what this means ask the children to explain it, they are very good at explaining how they can subitise numbers.






This half term was very exciting as Reception went on their first trip. All the staff were really impressed with how sensible and enthusiastic the children were on our trip to Warley Woods. The children really enjoyed the Forest school session with 'Wild Lives'. They developed so many skills, they developed their vocabulary and were fantastic scientists by looking carefully and exploring the world around them. They also enjoyed improving their fine motor skills whilst using hand held drills to make conker friends. Finally a trip to the local bookshop for a story time session and the opportunity to choose their own book to take home and keep was we hope, a memorable experience for them all.


 Reception have enjoyed the story 'The Gingerbread Man.' We have become very good at retelling the story, ask your child to share the story with the family. We have baked delicious gingerbread men.


We have described how we made them and we have drawn story maps to help us retell the story.

We have taken part in activities for World Mental Health days. We enjoyed the story Ruby's Worry and we have drawn pictures to help us to talk about our feelings.

During October Reception have been looking at Black history and on Black history day on Friday we enjoyed watching 'Jojo and GranGran'. This is available to watch on BBC IPlayer and is worth watching again and having a discussion with your child about the show and the topics raised in it. We have introduced children to globes and we have tried to locate different countries. 

WB/ 31.10.22
This week the children in Reception have been very busy. The children have been listening to the story room on the broom. We have become very good at retelling story’s through role play, ask your child to share the story with their family. As we have been very busy learning new graphemes during our daily phonics lessons. The children had a go at writing the rhyming words they could hear. We have been playing ‘silly soup’ to help us identify the rhyming words from the story. We have also started a drawing club where children are drawing pictures of the animals in the story and writing about them. Lastly, the children have enjoyed taking part in numerous craft activity’s both indoors and outdoors.

WB 7.11.22

This week the children have been listening to the story the wind blew. The children have been really excited to learn about what the wind can do. On our trip to Sara park the children were testing how high their kites can fly with the power of the wind. From our trip the children have also become very good at naming autumn objects as went on an autumn walk. Ask your children what they are. As it was remembrance day the children observed a 2 minute silence to remember all the brave soldiers. Throughout this day the children undertook many craft activities where they made poppies, decorated poppy themed biscuits and built trenches outdoors. Another fantastic week in Reception. 

WB 14.11.22

This week’s focus was anti-bullying week. To start off the week the children came in odd socks to show that we are all different and that’s okay. The children also had a go at designing and decorating their own odd socks. We also spoke about what a kind friend is and how we embed our CEDRIC values into everyday situations. The children have also drawn their friends and said one kind word to them. Ask your children who their friend is? We have also been very busy taking part in numerous leaf activity such as leaf printing, making leaf wands and leaf crowns. Lastly, for children in need day we spoke about why we celebrate this day and why it is so important. The children also had the chance to make some pudsey bear cookies to give other teachers to help raise more money for this day. Another fantastic week at Reception !

WB 21.11.22 - 2.12.22


Over the two weeks we have been reading the story of little red riding hood. Using actions the children have become very good at re-telling the story. Ask your child to tell you the story. Throughout the week the children have also been participating in numerous craft activities around the story. The children have loved drawing the wolf and used their phonics knowledge to write big, bad. Lastly, the children have become really good at telling their own stories and enjoying acting them out during story time.


In maths the children have been developing their understanding of numbers 1-5. They have also enjoyed watching the Numberblocks stampoline episode. From this the children had a go at making their own stampoline pattern’s where they have shown different ways of making 4 and 5. Another fantastic week in Reception !

This week the children have been enjoying the story called stickman. We all went on a quick stick hunt to forest school and collected sticks to make our own class stickman. To save him from the dangers of the world they children built him a castle with guards, to protect him in the construction area. With help from the story we have also been learning about how we have transitioned from autumn to winter. Ask your child how do they know it’s winter? As Christmas is quickly approaching we have read lots of Christmas stories. From this the children drew what they loved about Christmas. The teachers were very impressed to see how well the children used their phonics to tell us what they have drawn. 

WB/ 12.12.22

This week we have been reading lots of Christmas stories and sang our Christmas song 'When Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney' in assembly! The children have been participating in a range of Christmas craft activities to help develop their fine motor skills. Have a look below at what we have made. We've also made cards and calendars to give to our family. On Thursday we had a christmas party and got santa to visit our classroom who gave us Christmas presents. We had such a good time! The teachers in Reception are very proud at how hard all the children have worked this term. We are definitely ready for a two week holiday! Have a lovely holiday.