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Kick It Out

Regents Park Community Primary School was recently involved in the Kick It Out Campaign which is all about kicking racism out of football.  Some of the pupils were involved is creating posters for a Kick It Out competition and a Birmingham City Football Club player even visited the school to help judge the results.


Naimah from Year 5 said 'When the Birmingham city players came in I almost fell over with excitement. They came in to Kick Racism out of football and teach us how this can be useful in school. The charity that came in were called Kick It Out. They were holding a competition throughout the school to design a poster about equality. Lots of children submitted entries and a football player called Matt Green chose the winner. Ammarah from 5A won the competition and was given the opportunity to wave the flag as the players walked onto the pitch. The whole class were also given tickets to the match and it was fantastic!'


To view a video report of the visit please click here. (Youtube)