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Sports & Arts Week 2022

We have an arts and sports focus in school from Monday 27th June – Friday 8th July.


All children will take part in a range of sports and arts activities linked to the Commonwealth Games and we would like to invite you to be a part of this event.


Below are the times and dates when you can join us. A link to sign up will be sent by text message and here 

There are 2 days available for each class for parents to choose from. Each will be a 1 hour slot for you to come and see some of the events your child is taking part in. Because there are limited numbers please choose one slot for each of your children. Please sign up below.



Please complete the relevant form below:

For classes Nursery, (RG,RMH), (1A,1H), (2B,2K,2W)   Click Here


For classes (3H,3N), (4C,4CH,4SA), (5H,5K,5M), (6G,6L,6M)    Click Here