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Ideas to support your child’s writing at home: 

-Practise writing your full name 

- Practise letter formation. Can your child write the alphabet? 

- Do a quick write of phonics digraphs e.g ai, oo, ar, or, er 

- Go into the kitchen and see what things you might need to buy from the shop. Ask your child to write a shopping list for you.

- Write a letter to a friend 

- Look out of your window, what can you see? 
- Create a diary of your time off school, write the day and date. What did you do? See? Hear?  

- We have had caterpillars in our classroom and the children have enjoyed watching them grow and making their cocoons, ask your child what they think has happened to them now. Can they draw the lifecycle of a caterpillar and label it? 

You could also play some games together using the links

You could also watch an alphablocks episode on CBeebies which will help your child to create words using their phonics. 
Learn a new nursery rhyme everyday.

Share a different kind of story with your child and get them to talk about it.