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Year 4

Eid Mubarak to all the families who celebrated Eid this week. Continue to stay safe and remember to do something every day.
4SA - Well done to Maarwah for reading and completing Accelerated Maths. Your a star. yes



Well done to Tasmin who is this week's star of the week for Accelerated Reader. Fantastic effort reaching over one million words. Keep up the brilliant work! 


Also well done to these children for completing their Accelerated Maths and keeping up the good work; Rayan A, Lina, Albaraa, Aisha and Asiya. Keep up the fantastic work!



Well done to these children in 4SA:

Zaina, Celina, Amani and Talha for using Accelerated Maths smiley 

Siddig and Celina for using AR and passing a quiz.


Star of the Week: CELINA 4SA yes 


Summer Week 2 Stars (week beginning 27th April 2020)


Well done to Amani in 4SA for using Accelerated Mathsyes

A great effort to Hasanah for trying an AR quiz last week.smiley


4SA Stars for this week: 

Congratulations to Siddig and Mujtaba for completing AR quizzes last week and to Zaeemah, Siddig, Talha, Hasanah and Zara for using Accelerated Maths.


Star of the Week: Siddig yes


4C: Well done to Mohammed, Mia, Mariam and Maria for completing quizzes on Accelerated Reader.

Well done to Maria, Sam, Mohammed, Nabid, Rafin, Siraaj, Mia and Manaal for completing Accelerated Maths.

Keep up the hard work everyone!

We hope you had a lovely break. Please continue to work hard at home. 


Easter Stars in 4SA

Accelerated Maths - Maarwa, Sumaya, Sahil, Safa, Amani, Aseel and Talha wink

Accelerated Reading - Hadiya, Rahaf, Abdurahman, Maarwa, Sumaya, Celina, Sarina, Mujtaba, Subhan, Sahil, Safa, Amani and Talha.smiley


Reader of the Week: Sumaya

Well done if your name appears twiceyes

Well done to Rafin, Sam and Maria in 4C for completing Accelerated Maths.

Also, well done to Maesha for completing her Accelerated Reader quizzes. Keep it up!