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School Council

Projects being planned

Projects being planned  1
Projects being planned  2

Pudsey Orienteering challenge

Pudsey Orienteering challenge  1
Pudsey Orienteering challenge  2

Poppy appeal fundraiser

Poppy appeal fundraiser 1
Poppy appeal fundraiser 2
Poppy appeal fundraiser 3
Poppy appeal fundraiser 4
Poppy appeal fundraiser 5

Well done to everyone who put themselves forward for this years school council elections.














The speeches were fantastic (listen to the radio show to hear a selection). As a school you have now voted in your new school councillors. 


The new school councillors are:


Year 6                                               Year 5

Alima (6S)                                         Hamaad (5B)

Zaki (6G)                                           Sami (5BM)

Tahmid (6R)                                      Zacharia (5M)                                



Year 4                                               Year 3

Alamah(4R)                                      Kyam (3M)

Ruqayyah (4W)                                Abdallah (3B)

Nabil (4S)                                          Syma (3FM)


Year 2                                               Year 1 Rep

Manaal (2K)                                     For 1A - Zarah (4S)

Lina (2L)                                            For 1R - James (4W)

Siddig (2A)                                       For 1H - Abdur Rahman (4R)


Reception Rep

For RH - Azka (5MB)

For RF - Isha (5B)

For RMH - Zynah (5M)

Eco School Topics (used to help us plan some of our activities)

Eco School Topics (used to help us plan some of our activities) 1

Supporting the delivery of Global Goals

Supporting the delivery of Global Goals 1

Our work in pictures

Our work in pictures 1 Tree planting with Swanshurst School
Our work in pictures 2 Tree planting workshop
Our work in pictures 3 The weather didn't stop the School Council
Our work in pictures 4 Wild seed planting with children across the school
Our work in pictures 5 Wild seed planting to improve our environment
Our work in pictures 6 Letter from Colin Diamond after a tour
Our work in pictures 7 Planting and shaping our forest school

Current Projects

The school council are currently supporting the school to save energy and reduce climate change by asking all staff and pupils to change their behaviour. 


Energy Saving


Work to date:


  • School Councillors have delivered energy assemblies to all classes
  • All classes have designated Switch Off monitors
  • School Councillors will be using The Pod blog to monitor progress (click link below)
  • Children at school have entered an energy saving competition
  • School Councillors have audited the schools energy use with the site manager
  • School Councillors attended the Governors Finance meeting to discuss possible use of monetary savings we make
  • Some equipment now has timers to reduce energy consumption
  • Switch Off campaign starts on Monday 1st February 2016 and prizes will be awarded to the most energy efficient class


Reducing Litter

Reducing Litter 1