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Week Beginning 12th October 2020


Read the information and watch the videos for all of the lessons below. Then complete the activities on BBC bitesize provided.

Lesson 1: Using Adjectives

Activity K: Naming and ordering letters

Lesson 2: Identifying verbs


Activity K: Words

Lesson 3: Using conjunctions

Activity K: Punctuation


Lesson 4: Diary entry features
Read through the PowerPoint and complete the activities
Activity K: Punctuation sentences
Lesson 5: Writing a diary entry.
Activity K: adjectives


Watch the video and complete the worksheet.

Lesson 1


Activity K


Lesson 2

Activity K

Lesson 3

Activity K

Lesson 4

Activity K

Lesson 5

Activity K: Go through the PowerPoint and complete the worksheet


Lesson 1
Read the information and complete the tasks.

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:


Lesson 1 – Art – drawing techniques

Lesson 2: PSHE

Read the book ‘I want it’

The things that you want – you can live without. The things you need – you cannot survive without such as Water and food.

Make a list of the things you want and the things you need. What is the difference?

Activity K: sort the cards into wants and needs.

Lesson 3: Computing

How do we get computers to do what we want? Complete the activities