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10. How will my school provide good teaching for my child and extra support when needed?

The school will provide good teaching for your child and extra support when needed.


  • Quality First Teaching with Continued Professional Development and Training.

  • Staffing arrangements – additional support from Teaching Assistants when necessary.

  • Learning mentor and pastoral team to support pupils with social and emotional needs.

  • Play therapist.

  • Removing barriers to learning and making reasonable adjustments to ensure inclusion.

  • We will evaluate provision.

  • School data - Termly tracking of attainment and progress, including Pupil Progress meetings.

  • Assessment and Review processes.

  • Advice from Specialised professionals.

  • Appropriate Transition is in place.

  • EP and PSS to carry out specialist assessments.

  • We now have a 'Hub' in school where some children go and work with specialist teachers in small groups - to work on specific targets. Please visit the Hub class page to find out more. 

  • Use of the Maths and Language and Literacy Toolkit.

  • Intervention groups and their outcomes

  • Differentiation

  • Small group opportunities and some 1:1 where needed.