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Nursery curriculum

Curriculum Information

Our children have teacher led sessions and independent learning time.During the week we have Maths, English, Music and Understanding the World sessions. We also have daily circle time activities and after half term we will start teaching daily phonics. This term we will be focusing on the following:


English and phonics


Giving meaning to the marks we make

Role play

Retelling a story, remembering the main characters, settings and events

Hearing sounds in the environment

Learning nursery rhymes and listening to traditional tales.


Each week we have a focus number

Counting to 10

Counting objects

Building with shapes and beginning to talk about the shapes of everyday objects.

Using language related to size


The children are able to choose activities during their child initiated time which help them to develop fine motor and gross motor control, problem solving, self-evaluation, social and language skills, independence, the development of ideas though enquiry and the extension of thought processes. We want the children to take responsibility for their own learning and enjoy it! 

If you require any further information regarding our school curriculum, please speak to your child’s class teacher.