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12. What types of learning resources are available for my child?

A range of resources will be available in all learning areas to support learning for children operating at different levels.


  • Groupings and adult support including the Learning Mentors and Teaching Assistants.

  • We will use differentiated curriculum resources.

  • Trained staff from external agencies with particular specialism-Hearing Impaired Team Teacher, Speech and Language Therapist, Communication and Autism Team Teacher, Teacher for pupils with visual Impairments, Play Therapist.

  • External agency support.

  • A range of interventions run by the TAs.

  • Extra-curricular clubs, breakfast club, lunchtime clubs.

  • Physical environment/facilities and equipment when required.

  • ICT resources.

  • All classes will have access to a Visual Timetable, appropriate for their year, age or ability.

  • Regular review of individual needs, linking with outside agency support.

  • Pupil profiles for students to support teaching and learning.

  • External agency support for pupils not responding to targeted support, or for physical disabilities/medical needs.

  • The children will have access to a sensory room and the Sunshine or Sunrise room. These classrooms have specialist resources and an environment  which meet the needs of children with sensory needs.