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Week 2 14.09.20


Work through the daily lessons

Lesson 1 - Practise number formation

Lesson 2 - Circle the number shown by the numicon shapes

Lesson 3 - Circle the number shown by the numicon shapes

Lesson 4 - Learn about odd and even numbers

Lesson 5 - Can you fill in the missing numbers?


Lesson 1: Read/watch the story of the Stickman and discuss the main points of the story.

Who are the main characters? What happens in the story? Children to have a go at writing about what they liked and disliked about the story. 


Lesson 2: Look at the story map, can you create your own and retell the story?


Lesson 3: Write about how the Stickman is feeling and why? 


Lesson 4: The stickman lives in a family tree, what would your tree look like? Describe and write about your tree. 


Lesson 5: Complete the handwriting sheet. 

English Activities
Please make sure your child is reading daily for at least 20 minutes. If you need any books, please contact the school.



Lesson 1- When and why do we say thank you? Discuss with children what good manners are and when might we use our manners e.g when we receive a gift, at school when our friends share with us. Ask the children how they feel when someone doesn’t say thank you. Get children to note down how many times they used good manners today. 

Lesson 2- What does the Christian Harvest celebration mean?
Discuss with children what they are thankful for e.g clothes, food, friends, school. Explain that the Christian Harvest reminds Christians of all the good things God has given them. Children can draw and write about what they are thankful for. 

Lesson 3- To consider and express ways to say thank you. Remind children of what they are thankful for, do you know any other ways to say thank you? Have a go at writing a thank you prayer using this sheet.






RE Lesson 3 activity