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Week 1 07.09.20



There is a video lesson for each day of the week from White Rose Maths. Please watch the video and complete the activitiy for each day. 

Videos for Lesson 1-5


Daily counting forwards and backwards from 100.


Complete the activities daily. This week we are focusing on letter formation (Lesson 1) and reading (Lessons 2-5). 
Please make sure your child is reading daily for at least 20 minutes. If you need any books, please contact the school


Lesson 1 - How do you know you belong? Raise awareness of the concept of belonging from children’s own perspective. Discuss with children what “groups” they belong to. Mention family, class, school, city, faith, culture, nature, world? 


Lesson 2 - What do Christians  do when a baby is born? Discuss the Christian birth ceremony.


Lesson 3 -Look at birth ceremonies from other religious traditions. Discuss what the different religions do as part of the birth ceremony.Mute sound as there are religious prayers in the clips. 


Hindu Ceremony   


Sikh Ceremony 


Islamic Ceremony