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Letter/Email/Text message

Letter/ text message/ email

Choose the whether you would like to write a letter, text message or email.


  • Write a letter/email/ text message to a member of your family that they have not seen this week.  

  • Include what you have been doing, what you have enjoyed, send a positive message to them to make them smile.


    Start with Dear....     end with from


    Text message:

    Start with Hi or Hello...    end with from...



    Start with Dear or Hi...    end with Best Wishes or Kind regards...


    If you are writing a letter or email and you have word. Write your draft on a piece of paper and use your computer to complete your task. If it is an email, can you send it from your parents email address?


    If it is a letter or text message could you send it to a family member?


    You are writing this to a family member so be personal and maybe ask some questions so that you require a reply. This could be something new that you start doing.