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Lesson 5 - Plan and write

Today's lesson is all about using all the things you have learned over the past 4 lessons.

Using your Success Criteria:

  • Present perfect tense (They have been...)
  • Inverted commas ("Oh no!" Said the housekeeper)
  • Conjunctions (and, but, so, because, since, until etc...)
  • Rich vocabulary (tier 2 language: shimmering, beloved, dull, murky)


Watch the video. Use a storyboard to plan your own story around the lighthouse.

  1. Armstrong and Columbus can change the ending of the story - the solution. You can come up with your own resolution e.g: the lighthouse keeper fixes the light himself or someone from the village etc...
  2. Darwin - Rewrite the story changing names, or items etc if you want to challenge yourself.
  3. Scott and Polo - Rewrite the story using the success criteria.

Then you are going to write a short story about the lighthouse keeper. Remember to read back through your work so that it makes sense. Ensure you include your success Criteria above. Enjoy.


Use the storyboard template to plan your story. Then on lined paper, write your story.


2 boards - Scott (Leah) - Draw your picture of the story and write some words to do with that picture.

4 boards - Polo

6 boards - Darwin and Columbus

8 boards - Armstrong