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Date: 4th October 2018

Opposition: St Georges

Match reporter: Ibrahim - 6R


How did the team play?


Thankfully, the team did very well to try and push themselves and to do that we showed confidence by having composure when we had the ball.


Samson perfectly dribbled through the opposing teams defense and crossed it in and it went out for a corner to us. I took the corner and scored from it. the ball hit the cross bar and went in.


Some of our areas of improvement in the game included keeping possession since we never had control of the ball and at times we got tackled. One of our other ares for improvement was communication as we needed to call for the ball more and mark players.


Date: 17th October 2018

Opposition: English Martyrs 

Match reporter: Hamaad - 6R


The team played good, they passed accurately and created chances. We played good as a team and communicated as a team. 


The goals were scored as we passed and moved as a team and created chances for different players and this lead to our goals scored.


I think we need to improve defending especially marking the other players. We also need to be aware of the other teams positions.