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Regents Park Community Primary School

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Reception curriculum


Our children have teacher led sessions and independent learning time. They are taught phonics, English, Reading and Maths every day. This term we will be focusing on the following:




Reading and discussing Traditional Tales

Name writing

Speaking and listening activities that will develop sentence construction and vocabulary

Linking sounds to letters to support with reading and writing words

Role play, story sequencing and comprehension



Counting to 10 and beyond     

Recognising and ordering numbers

Simple addition and subtraction

Naming and describing 2D shapes

Creating and describing patterns

Using everyday language related to time, money, size and positional language



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The Children will spend time getting to know each other and their new teachers. They will learn about different feelings and how they can demonstrate friendly behaviour. They will also learn the classroom rules and the importance of turn taking and sharing.

Communication and Language

The children will spend time talking to a talk partner and their teachers to ask and answer questions. They will receive Big Talk homework every Friday and will spend time listening and talking about stories they have heard.

Physical Development

The children will develop their fine motor control by using tweezers to pick up different sized objects. They will have PE lessons once a week where they will explore different ways of travelling and moving their bodies. They will also have access to the outdoor classroom every day. Children will also learn about the importance of good personal hygiene such as washing their hands after blowing their nose and going to the toilet.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will have the opportunity to create models using a range of construction materials. They will explore colour, shape, materials and texture. They will begin to learn to represent their own ideas thoughts and feelings through design and technology, art, music, dance, role-play and stories.

Understanding the World

The children will have the opportunity to use a wide range of technology including laptops, iPads and digital cameras. They will also learn how to use programmable toys such as Beebot robots. We will also talk and learn about our families and different celebrations such as Eid, Harvest, Diwali and Christmas.


The children are able to choose activities during their child initiated time which help them to develop fine motor and gross motor control, problem solving, self-evaluation, social and language skills, independence, the development of ideas though enquiry and the extension of thought processes. We want the children to take responsibility for their own learning and enjoy it! 







If you require any further information regarding our school curriculum, please speak to your child’s class teacher.