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Who's Who

Who's Who
Come and meet the staff at our school!
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Leadership Team
Picture 1 Mr A Beale Head Teacher
Picture 2 Miss I Paddem Deputy Head Teacher
Picture 3 AHT (KS1) Miss N Khan
Picture 4 AHT (Lower KS2) Mrs P Vara
Picture 5 AHT (Upper KS2) Miss S Martin
Picture 6 School Business Mgr. Mrs Kelly
Middle Leaders


Picture 1 EYFS Leader Miss A Turner
Picture 2 Pupil Premium Leader Mrs H Hazlewood
Picture 3 Creative Arts & Languages Ldr. Ms T Raybone
Picture 4 RE/ Collective Worshp/ N2T Ldr. Mrs M Hemraj
Picture 5 History & Geography Leader Mrs N Bhugvandeen
Picture 6 PSHE/ Rights Respecting Leader Ms R McDonald
Picture 7 Science & Technology Leader Miss S Latif
Picture 8 PE & Outdoor Learning Ldr. Mrs Carrick/Mrs Folbigg


Picture 1 Nursery Mrs H Hazelwood
Picture 2 Nursery Mrs I Kauser
Picture 3 Reception (RA) Miss F Ahmed
Picture 4 Reception (RF) Mrs G Foster
Picture 5 Reception (RMH) Mrs H Mahmood and Mrs S Halton
Picture 6 Yr 1 (1A) Ms Aston
Picture 7 Yr 1 (1D) Miss R Deol
Picture 8 Yr 1 (1H) Miss S Hussain
Picture 9 Yr 2 (2K) Mrs S Khan
Picture 10 Yr 2 (2H) Miss Z Hassan
Picture 11 Yr 2 (2R) Miss T Raybone
Picture 12 Yr 3 (3B) Mrs N Bhugvandeen
Picture 13 Yr 3 (3W) Miss V Wilson
Picture 14 Yr 3 (3N) Miss R Nugent
Picture 15 Yr 4 (4LC) Miss L Cash
Picture 16 Yr 4 (4C) Mrs C Chauhan
Picture 17 Yr 4 (4SA) Mrs F Siddique and Mrs N Abbas
Picture 18 Yr 5 (5B) Miss M Bano
Picture 19 Yr 5 (5L) Mr T Little
Picture 20 Yr 5 (5M) Miss R McDonald
Picture 21 Yr 6 (6G) Mr M Genner
Picture 22 Yr 6 (6M) Miss A Miles
Picture 23 Yr 6 (6L) Miss S Latif
Additional teachers


Picture 1 Miss Carrick
Picture 2 Mr Crawford
Picture 3 Mrs J Holmes
Picture 4 Mrs Folbigg
Picture 5 Mrs Hemraj
Picture 6 Mrs N Murphy
Picture 7 Miss S Abadat
Picture 8 Mr Z Khan
Picture 9 Mrs S Kalsoom
Support Staff


Picture 1 EYFS Teaching Assistant Mrs G Stephens
Picture 2 EYFS Teaching Assistant Mrs R Kauser
Picture 3 EYFS Teaching Assistant Mrs S Akhlaq
Picture 4 EYFS Teaching Assistant Mr A Khan
Picture 5 EYFS Teaching Assistant Miss A Bi
Picture 6 KS1 Teaching Assistant Mrs D Buchan
Picture 7 KS1 Teaching Assistant Miss S Naz
Picture 8 KS1 Teaching Assistant Mrs A Shaheen
Picture 9 KS1 Teaching Assistant Mrs H Choudhury
Picture 10 KS1 Teaching Assistant Mrs S Rashid
Picture 11 KS1 Teaching Assistant Mrs R Nawaz
Picture 12 LKS2 Teaching Assistant Mr JN Raja
Picture 13 LKS2 Teaching Assistant Mrs B Kaur
Picture 14 UKS2 Teaching Assistant Mrs A Begum
Picture 15 UKS2 Teaching Assistant Mrs S Bibi
Picture 16 UKS2 Teaching Assistant Mrs F Zamir
Picture 17 Play Worker Mr H Kane
Picture 18 Learning Mentor Mr N Semper
Picture 19 Learning Mentor Ms T Matthews
Picture 20 Play Manager/ Breakfast Club Manager Ms R Khatun
Picture 21 Parent Support/Attendance Ofcs Mrs Khan/Mrs Sarwar
Office / Admin Staff


Picture 1 School Business Manager Mrs P Kelly
Picture 2 IT Operations Manager Mr I Marlowe
Picture 3 Office Administrator Mrs F Jabeen
Picture 4 Office Admin Assistant Mrs L Smith
Site Staff


Picture 1 Site Manager Mr Paul Bryan
Picture 2 Buildings Site Supervisor Mr Gregory Marlowe