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Welcome to Nursery!


Mrs Hazelwood is the class teacher on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Higby is the class teacher on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Mrs Stephens is a key person as is Mrs Munsif and they both work with the children Monday to Friday!


The children are split into three key worker groups:


Red Group - Mrs Hazelwood/Mrs Higby

Yellow Group - Mrs Stephens

Green Group - Mrs Munsif


W/B 17th January - Our focus book this week is 'The Three Little Pigs'.


Times of the Nursery Day

08:40 - 08:55 - Welcome, registration and start of the day activities

9:00 - 9:20 - Teacher focus activity in key worker groups

9:20 - 11:20 - Child initiated time (music, forest school and PE session also take place within this time)

11:30 - 11:45 - Phonics and story time in key worker groups

11:50 - 12:00 - Home time

Nursery Rhyme Books, Homework and Reading Books

We would like to invite you into nursery during start of the day to choose a home reading book with your child! This book can be read at home and then returned to nursery. Days are as follows:


Red group - Tuesdays

Yellow group - Wednesdays

Green group - Thursdays


We want to encourage all children to learn a range of nursery rhymes and to enjoy singing and performing them! We will send home a nursery rhyme book for you to keep at home for your child to keep. Each week we will send home a new nursery rhyme for you to stick in their books. Then they will have their very own nursery rhyme book for you to share as a family!


We will often send home some ideas for ways you can help your child to learn and develop at home. We love to see what they get up to at home so please encourage your child to share with us what they have been doing! They can even bring in photos to help encourage them to talk about what they have been up to!



Nursery Journal (10th - 14th January)

This week in nursery we have been reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears! We had a go at retelling the story and enjoyed using big, deep voices to pretend to be Daddy bear!

We also sequences the pictures from the story!

Our favourite part of the week was making porridge! We measured out the oats and milk/water and watched what happened when we put them in the microwave! We added some jam and tasted it. It was delicious! Now we know why Goldilocks gobbled it all up!

Nursery journal (5th-7th January 2022)

This week in nursery we have been reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears! We have been mixing and exploring porridge, retelling the story and singing songs to compare the sizes of the bear's bowls, chairs and beds!

We also explored ice this week as when we came to school on Wednesday our water tray had frozen!

We also enjoyed exploring our new Investigation Station! We used magnifying glasses to see things close up, we used binoculars to see things far away and we used magnets to find which objects in our classroom were magnetic!

We've had a brilliant first week back and we can't wait until next week!

Nursery journal (13th - 17th December)

This week we have been reading lots of Christmas stories and we sang our Christmas song 'When Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney' in assembly!

We have been developing our fine motor skills by making snowflakes and paper chains! We worked together to make a really long paper chain! We've also made cards and calendars to give to our family.

On Thursday we had a christmas party and even got a Christmas present! We had such a good time! 

Our teachers told us we have worked so hard this term and they are very proud of us. We are proud of ourselves too! We are definitely ready for a two week holiday! 

Nursery journal (6th December - 10th December)

This week in nursery we have been reading the story One Snowy Night! We counted the animals that knocked on Percy's door and practised recognising the number of animals without having to count them! This is a skill we are working hard on!

We also talked about how cold it was for the animals and discussed how birds sometimes find it difficult to find food in the winter when the ground is frozen, so we made bird feeders for them! We used sunflower seeds, cereal, raisins and vegetable fat and then hung them to the trees! We can't wait to check on Monday to see if they have been eaten!

We also had lots of fun decorating our Christmas tree!


Nursery Journal (29th November - 3rd December)

We couldn't believe it when we woke up on Monday morning! It had snowed overnight! We had such a fun morning exploring the snow in forest school!

We continued to read 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and sequenced the pictures from the story. We worked with Claire the artist to create all the different scenes from the story. We used our developing scissor skills to create long, wavy grass.

On Thursday it was really cold and we talked about how cold the bear would be in his cave so we decided to build him a house! We looked at a book about houses for inspiration and then designed our own! We made sure we had windows, doors and a roof. We then used the large blocks to build our house and then labelled the various parts! The bear would have loved it!

Nursery journal (22nd - 26th November)

This week in nursery we have been reading the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt! 

We have been mark making and drawing various parts of the story and then telling our teachers what our marks meant! We'll be writing letters before we know it!

We also worked in the construction area to build narrow, gloomy caves like in the story. We worked as a team and listened to each others ideas on how to improve the cave!


Nursery journal (15th - 19th November)

This week was anti-bullying week so we talked about how we can be kind and use kind words. We made a card for our friends and said what we liked about them.

On Friday it was Children in Need so we had lots of fun wearing spots and doing spotty activities! We watched and joined in with a Joe Wicks and Pudsey PE session and we created our own spotty Pudsey hats by finger painting spots on them! Outside we found a ladybird and we loved it because the ladybird had spots! So we decided to find stones and create our own ladybirds! Finally we made spotty playdough by adding various round objects and using our fine motor skills to pick them up and press them into the dough! 

Another busy week, we've had so much fun!

Nursery journal (8th - 12th November)

This week in nursery we have been reading the story, 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?'. The children have enjoyed making and listening to animal sounds during phonics lessons. They created dens for the animals to shelter in when it rained on Friday and followed the paw prints to collect number cards in the correct order. We also did some observational drawings of animals in the story and used playdough to create bears!

On Thursday it was Remembrance Day so we took part in a two minute silence and painted our own poppies.

Nursery journal (1st - 5th November)

This week in nursery we have been reading the story Room on the Broom! We made our own wands using sticks and various ribbons, wool and material. We had to twist the ribbons around the wand and then use sticky tape to secure the ends. We also explored creepy crawlies and eyeballs in the gloop!

We also talked about Bonfire Night and made our own firework pictures using paint and chalk. On Friday we talked about how cold it usually is on Bonfire Night so we tasted hot chocolate! It was delicious!

Nursery journal (18th - 22nd October)


This week in nursery we have been talking about autumn! We were exploring pumpkins and even cut one open to have a look inside! We also talked about Black History month and talked about all the things that make up special and unique. We looked at ourselves in mirrors and had a go at drawing and painting self-portraits! 


Our teachers told us they were very proud of how well we have settled in to life at nursery! We've worked so hard and had so much fun, we are definitely ready for a rest over half term!

Nursery journal (11th - 15th October)

This week in nursery we have been reading the story Owl Babies! We talked about feelings and how the baby owls felt when their mother wasn't there. We also had a go at creating our own owls using a range of collage materials. We talked about the colours and how the different materials felt. We also used finger paint to create owl pictures!

Outside, we worked with a partner to collect sticks. We then glued the sticks onto card to create owls. We also used sponges to print on large paper to create a tree for our owls to sit on. We helped each other gather leaves and our teachers put holes in them so we could practise threading string through them.

It's been a very busy but fun week for us!