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A message for parents from Mrs Stephens

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all of you for coming this morning (Monday 17th July) to share some time with me beforee I leave. I hoped that I wouldn't be sitting all on my own and I wasn't!


Over the years I have had the privilege to get to know many children and parents, sometimes seeing 3 generations of the same family pass through school.


It's always good to hear of their achievements and even see them bring their own children to our nursery.


I feel lucky to have experienced a wonderful time with your lovely, amazing children who I know I am going to miss so much.


Regents Park is such a warm and happy place. Don't tell Mr Beale but I never really thought of it as coming to work. We have had so much fun, learning together over the years.


Your generosity is overwhelming as always.


Thank you,


Mrs Stephens