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Attendance Newsletter - January 2024

Your child will be coming home today with an Attendance Newsletter and with a record of your child's attendance for Autumn 2023. Please look out for it in your child's bag.


The newsletter share information about school attendance, why it is so important and why it is in the news at the moment.


There is a some information which compares our school attendance to the national average and also an explanation about the concerns around "Persistent Absence".


Your child's attendance and summary of absences for Autumn 2023 is provided so you can compare it against the average for your child's year group and across school.


There is also information about which children achieved 100% attendance last term and which class had the best attendance in each phase. There is also some information on the importance of punctuality and some FAQs for parents.


An online copy of the newsletter can be found here:


We hope you find the information useful and that you will work with us to keep improving attendance over the next two terms. We will update you with another newsletter and report for Spring 2024 in April


Mr Beale