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Car parking chaos outside school today!

This evening there was car parking chaos on Camelot Way outside school. Many parents were parked on the zig zag lines or double (and even triple) parked on the road. As a result, other cars then became stuck getting in and out of the road. This is a DANGEROUS SITUATION for all our children leaving school and is being caused by too many parents believing that they can drive right up to the school gates to park. As all the roads that access school are cul-de-sacs it causes a huge problem with parents trying to do three point turns and not being able to move.

Staff came out to help try to solve the problem only to be spoken to rudely by some parents. We also received complaints from neighbours who were boxed into their own drives by cars parked in front of them.

This is not a school problem and is not the fault of members of staff. It is caused by parents not thinking about others or consdiering the safety of all the children from Regents Park.

The ONLY solution is for parents to arrive early and PARK AWAY from school and then walk to the school gates. There is usually space on Herbert Road and then parents can walk across Sara Park. Driving up Camelot Way, Dixon Road or Arthur Street is not an option. This is the same at the start of the day as well as at the end of the day.

I will be contacting the local police and asking for support and will start to collect registration numbers of cars parked inconsiderately to pass on.

PLEASE parents, put the safety of ALL the children of Regents Park above your own convenience.