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Coronavirus - Information for parents

I am sure that all parents will be aware by now of the on-going international situation regarding the Coronavirus which is causing concern in a number of countires. At Regents Park we are continuing to monitor the situation and follow guidance sent to schools by the DfE in order to minimise any impact for the children and families of our school. I am forwarding on to you below the latest information from the DfE regarding precautions schools should take to safeguard against Coronavirus. There is also an information leaflet which summarises everything.
Without wanting to spread any anxiety or panic, I do think it is important to take on board the recommendations suggested and to make sure that children are aware of what is good practice in terms of healthy hygiene, particularly where children have coughs and sneezes in schools.
We are encourgaing children to learn the importance of Catch It, Kill It, Bin It.  We are making sure that there are plenty of disposable paper tissues available on desks in the classrooms and soap/ handwash available at the sinks. I think it would be good for parents and children to work together to encourage children into a routine of washing hands when entering the classroom and before going for lunch. It would be good to make sure that children are seen to wash their hands also when they come back from the toilet.
We are also aware that children share resources in school so we are looking to find ways to improve hygiene and ensure surfaces and resources are cleaned even more often.
In the meantime, the most up to date DfE guidance is here:


Parents - if you have any concerns please let us know and please update us if you are aware of any children or other family members who have travelled recently from areas affected by Coronavirus and are displaying symptoms.


Thanks everyone