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COVID update: Latest changes to self-isolation period - Now 5 days

Dear Parents/ Carers
You will have seen that there is another change to the self-isolation period announced by the Government.
It is now possible for children to return to school after 5 full days of self-isolation, providing they no longer have a temperature.
It is slightly different to the requirement for 7 day self-isolation as now people are being asked to test on the morning of day 5 and the morning of day 6 and providing both tests are negative, children can return on the morning of day 6.
Remember that day 1 of self-isolation is the day after you began symptoms or the day after your positive LFD if you are asymptomatic.
So if your child has had COVID but has no temperature and is starting to feel better by the morning of day 5, they can do their first LFD test.
The following day (day 6) they will have to do their second LFD test again in the morning, 24 hours after the previous test. If both tests are negative your child can return to school that day (day 6). Parents should make sure that proof of both negative tests has been sent to school before their child returns on the day.
Obviously if one or both of the tests are positive then your child will have to carry on self-isolation until they return two consecutive negative tests or they come to the end of the 10 day self-isolation period.
Please remember that before your child returns to school after having had COVID, they must have no temperature and they must have returned two negative LFD tests 24 hours apart on two consecutive days after day 5 of their self-isolation period.
As always, please ring if you need more information.
Thank you
Mr Beale