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Half term holiday - School reopens on Monday 2nd November

Dear Parents/ Carers,


Just a reminder that school is CLOSED this week (26th October - 30th October) for half term holiday. We reopen on Monday 2nd November.


I'd like to thank everyone for their hard work during the first part of the Autumn term. It must have been very difficult for the children to return after such a long absence but I have to say I have been very impressed by their enthusiasm to be back in school and, as such, the children have been working very hard to catch up. From the first day back, it was wonderful to see their smiling faces and they are obviously very happy to be back in school with their teachers and friends.


In addition, I'd like to say thank you to all the parents who have been supportive of everything we have been doing in school. Obviously, things have been very different and it has been hard not to be able to have parents in school or for staff to be able to communicate with you as normal. Most parents have been very supportive however, particularly those parents who have followed our guidelines on maintaining social distance in the playground and have taken precautions to keep everyone safe such as weraing face coverings when asked. Many parents have also been very supportive in helping children with their learning at home - please continue to do everything you can with us to help your children catch up on their learning.


I'm sure you'd also wish to join me in thanking all of the school staff who have worked so hard in school since September. Although all staff want to do their best to help every child in school, many staff were anxious about coming back to work with so many children and adults when they have their own concerns about the dangers of  Coronavirus on their health and that of their own families. However, all staff have worked really hard and with the utmost dedication to make sure that the children of Regents Park make rapid progress and catch up on their learning. I'm very appreciative of everything they do and I'm sure you, as parents, are too.


I hope everyone has a really good holiday, stays safe and gets a good rest before coming back to school on Monday 2nd November.


Take care everyone,


Mr Beale