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Information for parents on coping with weather and extreme heat this term

Dear Parents/ Carers,


Obviously it is great that we are in a period of good weather at the moment, however, we are aware that lots of sunshine and extreme heat can cause problems!


Today the temperature has already been about 22 degrees but over the next couple of days it is likely to get hotter and possibly reach as high as 30 degrees on Friday. There may well be other very hot, sunny days during this half term.


It is important to take precautions against such extreme temperatures and the dangers that can be caused by overexposure to the sun. For some, there is also the issue that can caused by a very high pollen count if suffering from hayfever.


Please make sure that children are suitably dressed for such extreme weather, e.g. removing vests and jumpers and wearing short sleeved shirts instead of long sleeved shirts. It would also be beneficial for children to come to school in a sun hat that they can wear outside in the playground. Children can wear sunglasses to protect themselves from UV, however, these are the children's responsibility and we can't take responsibility for them if they get lost or broken.


It is important for children to wear sun cream to protect exposed skin, e.g. face, arms, neck, etc. Please make sure this applied before school.


Because of the extreme heat, children should eat and drink to keep sugar levels up and make sure they are hydrated. Please make sure they have had a proper breakfast and a good drink before school. We will make sure that they have access to plenty of water during the school day.


Children who suffer from hayfever and pollen allergies should take medication before coming to school and this should protect them for the duration of the school day. Make sure you contact school if you have queries about this.


Finally, please make sure that your contact details are kept up to date in the office and that someone is always available if they need to be contacted. Should a child need medical attention we will contact you as soon as we can.


Many thanks,


Mr Beale