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Information on requests to go abroad in term time

Dear Parents/ Carers,


Recently, we have had a number of requests from parents to take children abroad during term time. Often these are requests around holidays such as the one coming up at Christmas, e.g. just before and just after Christmas.


Whilst I understand how difficult it is for families with relatives living abroad and that the travel restrictions during the pandemic have meant that many haven't seen these relatives for some time, I still have to remind parents that school attendance is extremely important, especially as children have missed a lot of school already in the last 2 years and are trying to catch up.


Any time missed from school means learning is lost. Taking homework away with children is not the same as learning in class and being taught by a teacher.


As a school, we do not authorise trips abroad during term time unless it is an immediate emergency - an emergency is not a planned trip abroad in a few weeks or months time.


Thank you to those parents who have come and spoken to me about this when they have been considering taking trips abroad in the past. We always need information on where children are and will chase it up if children are not in school.


Where children take trips abroad in term time it will be an unauthorised absence and this may lead to a fine following the local authority Fast Track procedure.


It's also worth reminding parents about the on-going concerns about new Coronavirus variants and the potential impact on international travel in the coming weeks.This could mean that, if restrictions change whilst families are away, that children miss even longer away from school.


Mr Beale