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Newsletter - December 2023 - Early closure on Friday 22nd, non-uniform days, Christmas parties, assemblies and Goodbye Mrs Folbigg!

Newsletter - December 2023


Dear Parents/ Carers,


As we reach the end of term, there are a few important messages to share with you.


Early finish at 1.00pm on Friday 22nd December


As in previous years, please note that school closes early for the Christmas holiday on Friday 22nd December at 1.00pm. Children will have lunch before they leave. They will be available for collection from the usual places at 1.00pm.


School reopens for ALL pupils on Monday 8th January 2024 at 8.40am


Please also note that school reopens after the holiday for ALL pupils on Monday 8th January 2024 at 8.40am. There is no Teacher Training day on this day.


Other schools may not open until the Tuesday or Wednesday of that week; however, we are expecting ALL children to be in school at Regents Park on Monday 8th January at 8.40am as usual.


Non-Uniform Day and Christmas Parties on Thursday 21st December


We will be having a non-uniform day with Christmas parties taking place in the afternoon on Thursday 21st December. Children in Nursery will have their Christmas party in the morning and we will be in touch seaprately with Nursery parents to let them know how we will make arrangements for them.


Children will be able to come to school in their party clothes on Thursday and make a £1 donation to the School Fund - this can be paid in cash on the day or on sQuid. Money donated to School Fund helps to pay for special events when we celebrate things like Christmas and Eid in school so we do appreciate your donations towards this.


Children will have Christmas party food at lunchtime on Thursday - this means we don't have to worry about children bringing food into school which is safer for children with allergies and hopefully means less food is wasted. Again, we will let parents in Nursery know separately how we will organise their Christmas parties in the morning.


Children who normally bring a packed lunch may order a school meal and have Christmas party food on this day (cost is £2.40 - please contact the school office as normal) or they may bring their packed lunch as normal to have with the other children.


As well as wearing non-uniform on Thursday, children will also be able to do so on Friday when we will finish at 1.00pm.


Celebration Assemblies and Y4/ Y5/ Y6 Guitar Concert next week


We have Celebration Assemblies taking place next week - parents should be informed if their child will receive a Gold Achievers certificate. Please make sure if you are attending one of the assemblies that you are in the hall on time at 9.00am.


  • Monday 18th December at 9.00am - EYFS & KS1 Celebration Assembly
  • Tuesday 19th December at 9.00am - KS2 Celebration Assembly


On Thursday 21st December at 9.15am, we would also like to invite all parents of children in Y4, as well as parents of children in Y5 and Y6 who are learning to play guitars to join us for a special Guitar concert. We hope as many parents as possible will join us for this!


Goodbye Mrs Folbigg!


It is very sad that we are saying goodbye to Mrs Folbigg after over 13 years of her working here at Regents Park.


Many of you will know Mrs Folbigg because of all the work she has done over the years in establishing, developing and then teaching all of the children in our Forest School! The development of the Forest School has been a significant achievement that without Mrs Folbigg's enthusiasm and passion, may not have been as successful as it has been. All of the children in school have benefitted from Mrs Folbigg's determination for all children to experience and take part in learning outdoors in an environment that they wouldn't necessarily find anywhere else in Small Heath.


The Forest School has been an oasis of calm and tranquility in which many children have thrived when perhaps some of them might have found learning more difficult in the normal classroom. All of the children have developed skills and knowledge and a love of being outdoors in nature whilst working with Mrs Folbigg in the Forest School and she will be sadly missed.


We wish Mrs Folbigg all the very best in her new job as a Mental Health Education Practitioner and hope she will come back and visit from time to time.


Other staffing changes for Spring 2024


Mrs Hazelwood will be taking over some of Mrs Folbigg's role in teaching children across school in the Forest School. This will mean that she will no longer be sharing responsibility for teaching 1HB with Ms Bibi. 


Instead, Ms Bibi will take over responsibility for the class full time and the class will now be known as 1B from January 2024.


Have a Happy Holiday!


I hope all children, parents and families have a wonderful holiday. To those of you who are celebrating, have a very Merry Christmas and I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year!


Thank you,


Mr Beale