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Parents Evening - Wednesday 12th July 2023

Dear Parents/ Carers,


I'm pleased to let you know about the Parents' Evening we are organising on Wednesday 12th July from 3.15 - 5.45pm.


This is the last parents' evening for this academic year and is an opportunity for you to talk about your child's progress and their report if you would like to.


As before, parents will be asked to use an online booking system to book a 5 minute appointment with their children's class teachers on Parents' Evening.


To fit as many parents in as possible, we will have to be quite strict about the timings of the appointments so please don't be late and please don't be offended if the teacher has to end the appointment after 5 minutes to meet the next parent.


Guidelines for Parents' Evenings:


  • It's useful for children and parents to attend but please try to keep to a mimumum the number of other family members attending
  • Parents should arrive at school no earlier than 10 minutes before their first appointment
  • Entrance to the school site will be via Arthur Street or Dixon Road and entrance to the building will be via the outside door to the main hall under the canopy
  • Parents will be expected to sign in and then sign out as they leave


Booking appointments with your child's class teacher:

  • We are going to use the same online system we have used before through the school website for booking appointments with class teachers
  • In order to book an appointment we will send an email to the email address of the parent who is listed as the First Contact on our school information system
  • The email will have a link to click on and you will then be able to choose which day and at which time you would like to book the appointment - please make a note of the date and time that you choose
  • You will receive an email for each of your children so you will need to open each one and book for each child
  • We would advise that you allow 10 minutes between the end of one meeting and the start of the next, e.g. if you book an appointment to start at 3.15pm which ends at 3.20pm, you should book the next appointment for 3.30pm to give you time to get to the next classroom
  • If you don't receive an email, this is because either we don't have an email address for you or the email you have given us is wrong. If you don't receive an email by Monday 10th July, then please contact the office with your updated email address and a link to book your appointment will be sent out to you
  • If you don't have an email address at all and don't wish to use one, then you can contact the office and they can assign you a date and time for your appointment


We're looking forward to welcoming parents into school on either the 12th July. If anything changes, we will let you know so please look out for any messages we send via text.


We look forward to seeing you all,


Mr Beale