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Please try to keep Camelot Way Car Free!

Dear Parents/ Carers


It was wonderful to see so many children and families enjoying the activites taking place in Sara Park and on Camelot Way yesterday afternoon.


Thank you to parents for not attempting to drive down Camelot Way in the afternoon. It really made a difference having no moving vehicles on the road - children were able to leave school safely and parents proved that they could park and walk to collect children.


It would be wonderful if this could happen every day but, unfortunately, this morning we saw lots of cars trying to get up and down Camelot Way with bottlenecks and traffic making it unpleasant and unsafe again for children and parents arriving at school.


You can see from the photos below the difference between yesterday afternoon and this morning.


We really need ALL parents to pledge to cut their reliance on driving children to school. If parents feel they do need to drive, then we need them to park away from school and not feel they have to drive almost up to the school gates.


Parents, please help with this and keep our roads around school safe.


Thank you