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Problems with parking and traffic around school

Dear Parents,


At the start of the new school year, we are agin having lots of problems with parking and traffic around school, especially on Camelot Way. Unfortunately, some parents are demonstrating a very selfish attitude towards the safety of other children and families and a lack of respect for residents in neighbouring houses.


Far too many parents seem to want to drive as close as they can to the school gates to drop off and collect children. Parents are then parking on the zigzag lines outside school, on pavements, double parking or stopping in the middle of the road. This is dangerous as it narrows the roads and pavements where children and families are trying to walk and cross.


Our school is not situated on a through road so all these cars then have to undertake difficult manoeuvres to reverse and turn round. Many parents tell me that there is no danger because they are good drivers; however, not all our children are good pedestrians, are unpredicatble and may not be aware of what drivers are doing. Some drivers put children at risk by bumping up on the pavements to reverse their cars and make it difficult for children and families to get by.


Many parents want to get as close as they can to the school gates because they say they have to drop off or pick up other children. However, they are then often caught up in traffic as more cars try to get down the roads whilst others try to get out!


We are also receiving complaints from neighbouring residents who are complaining about the fact that they sometimes have one or two cars blocking them in their drives meaning they can't leave their houses for 30 to 40 minutes during the morning and afternoon when parents are dropping or picking up children. This is frustrating and causes arguments.


I'd like all parents to make more effort to park away from school and not drive up the roads that lead to the school gates, particularly on Camelot Way. I'd like all parents to think about the safety of not just their own children but that of all the children who come to our school.


Thank you


Mr beale