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Red Nose Day for Comic Relief - Friday 18th March 2022

This Friday it is Red Nose Day for Comic Relief! We are looking forward to all the children doing something silly to celebrate and raising money for Comic Relief.


To raise money we will be asking children to make a donation of £1 and to dress up in "Something Silly"!


They could wear something silly (a wig, a silly hat, their pyjamas, as many t-shirts/ jumpers as they can, someone else's clothes) or could wear their clothes in a silly way (e.g. back to front, inside out, updside down).


This time you can either make a donation of £1 on sQuid (a link will be sent out) or bring in £1 and give it to the class teacher. All the money raised will go to Comic Relief.


Remember your red noses if you have one and let's see what silly clothes children wear and have fun on Friday!