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Reminder for parents - Dismissal of pupils at the end of the day

Dear Parents/ Carers,


We have had some concerns about the organisation of pupil dismissal at the end of the day. Staff are increasingly concerned that parents are not following guidlines put in place previously so I am reminding parents of the following:


Collection of pupils in the playground:

  • Family groups and other agreed groups of children (such as those going home with childminders) are collected from the playground
  • Parents should remain behind the line marked in the playground at all times so that staff can keep a check on where children are and who they are going with - the line has been repainted so it is clear where it is
  • Parents must not stand at one end of the playground and call children from the other end of the playground. Parents should get as close to where they are opposite their children's classes before they are released to them
  • Please don't try to take children from the class until the class are fully in the playground
  • Staff need to know who has taken children so will keep them until they are sure


Collection of pupils from Camelot Way:

  • Single children from Reception, Y1, Y5 and Y6 are collected from this entrance
  • We try to stagger entry through the gate to avoid overcrowding
  • Please do not enter through the gate until your child's year group has been called
  • Please move around the play area in an anti-clockwise direction to help the flow of parents entering the gate
  • Please do not stand directly in front of the gate whilst waiting


Collection of pupils from Arthur Street:

  • Single children from Y2, Y3 and Y4 are collected from this entrance
  • Again, please do not call children to you from the gate - please enter the car park and wait behind the kerb


Thank you for your understanding in trying to keep all the children safe.


Mr Beale