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Squid Game - Children watching inappropriate TV/ Videos

Dear Parents/ Carers


We have had to speak to a number of children now about playing "Squid Game" in the playground. Some of the children have been copying this from the recent Netflix TV programme.


Whilst this programme has been very popular and many people have been watching it, it actually has an age rating of 15 due to “sexual violence references, injury detail, crude humour, sex, suicide, sexual images, violence”. It is clearly not suitable for primary-age children to be watching.


It is concerning that so many children are obviously watching a programme which is not appropriate for them and are then being influenced enough to copy and act out scenes from the playground. It should go without saying that it is parents' responsibility to make sure that children are well supervised when watching TV or using the internet on computers or devices such as mobile phones and tablets.


I do think it would be wise for parents to use parental restriction settings on devices to limit children having access to things that they shouldn't have and to monitor closely what they are doing on devices. Don't leave children to access the internet without adults being around and be careful about what they're watching.


If you know your child has been watching "Squid Game" it would also be wise to speak to them about the content of the programme, to explain why it is inappropriate and to make sure that they aren't influenced to copy scenes and hurt others and themselves.


Thank you