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The Big Walk & Wheel 2022 - Monday March 21st - Friday April 1st 2022

Last week's car-free afternoons on Dixon Road and Camelot Way were very successful and it was wonderful, particularly on Camelot Way, to see the road free from traffic and children able to move safely outside school.


We would like to continue to encourage parents to leave their cars at home or at least park away from school and walk the last 5-10 minutes to the gates. This encourages children to be healthier, makes it safer around school and reduces the effects of air pollution.


As such, from this week we are taking part in the Big Walk & Wheel (previously known as The Big Pedal). We'd like to encourage children to either walk, cycle or scoot to school between Monday 21st March and Friday 1st April. Trips that children make on foot or by bike or scooter will be counted and we will be finding out which class has made the most - the class with the most trips will win The Golden Pedal.


When children arrive at school, they will be given a ticket by a member of staff at the gate to show they have either walked, cycled or scooted to school. Children who come by car and then park and walk/ scoot/ cycle must have travelled at least 5 minutes by foot/ bike/ scooter, i.e. they must not have parked on Arthur Street/ Camelot Way/ Dixon Road.


Bikes and scooters can be left in the scooter/ bike stands by the Nursery, in the playground or outside the office.


The Big Walk & Wheel is a national competition being run by Sustrans to encourage children to use alternative, healthier methods of transport to get to school. The total number of trips will be recorded nationally and the school may win local and national prizes.


We hope everyone will try and take part every day; if not, even one or two non-car days will help per week. Please support your children, keep everyone safe, help encourage children to be healthy and leave your cars at home if possible.


Thank you.