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Update for parents - school will begin to reopen for more pupils from June 15th

Dear Parents/ Carers,


In my last message to you on the school website on Thursday 21st May, I explained that Regents Park wouldn't reopen for more pupils on June 1st. I explained that Regents Park would remain closed whilst we continued to assess the situation at national and local level and this was agreed by the school Governing Board.


This week, having considered guidance from the Government and the Local Authority and having had discussions with school staff and leaders in other Birmingham schools, I have made the decision that we will begin to reopen Regents Park to more pupils from Monday June 15th.


Initially, this will be a phased reopening. The plan is for Year 6 pupils to begin returning first from Monday June 15th with pupils in Year 1 beginning to return from Wednesday June 17th. It is then hoped that pupils in Reception classes will begin to return to school from Monday June 22nd. Other year groups may return at a later date before the summer holidays depending on Government guidance. Please note - these dates may change depending on other factors such as staffing availability, numbers of pupils, further guidance from the Government/ Local Authority and, of course, national and local infection rates.


We recognise that lockdown within society as a whole is being eased gradually although there are still concerns that everyone should continue to be vigilant in order to prevent infection and minimise transmission of the Coronavirus. Parents will have concerns and be wary of their children returning to school; however, there are plans that we are putting in place to ensure that all children and staff in school are safe and not put at high risk.


There will continue to be a significant emphasis on children and adults handwashing, maintaining hygiene, extra cleaning and guidelines put in place to ensure as much social distancing can take place as is possible and appropriate in a school setting. I will share more information on our plans next week.


In order to plan further for staffing in school, parents of Y6 and Y1 pupils will be contacted soon to confirm whether they will or won't be sending their children to school from June 15th.


I'm sure you will appreciate that this has been a very difficult period - the decision on reopening further has not been easy to make and planning for it requires a lot of thought in order to ensure that children, families and staff are kept safe. I am grateful for your continued support and will update you further very soon.


Thank you,


Mr A Beale