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Virtual Parents' Meetings via telephone

Dear Parents/ Carers,


We are now half way through our first half term and it seems that everyone is now more familiar with the changes we have had to make to the organisation of the school day in order to keep everyone (children, parents and staff) safe in school.


I'd like to thank al parents/ carers for your help and patience with this. I know it can be frustrating for parents not being able to speak to class teachers as often as you would like but your continued support is very much appreciated.


Now that children have settled back in to the routine of being back in school and become more familiar with their new class teachers, we would like to organise an opportunity for teachers to be able to speak to parents about how they are doing and give you an opportunity to discuss and raise any concerns or comments you have.


We would normally organise a Parents' Evening for you to come and visit the classroom and speak to the teacher; however, this year, we are unable to organise this for obvious reasons.


Instead, over the coming weeks, teachers are going to be released from class in order to be able to contact parents, introduce themselves to you and discuss how your children are getting on.


These phonecalls will mostly take place during the school day although if that's not convenient staff may be able to make some calls after school instead. Calls will be around 10 minutes long (about the same time as an appointment on parents evening) and will give you a chance to hear how the children are settling in to their new class, how they are getting on so far with learning and what you can be doing to help them at home. You will also have the chance to ask any questions you have to the class teacher.


Unfortunately we can't give definite dates and times for the calls as it may be that staff have to make them at different times on different days. Staff will only speak to one parent, usually whichever parent picks up the phone when calling. Please be aware that calls may appear as "Withheld Number" or "Private Number" depending on where the teacher is calling from.


Don't forget that if you have an urgent concern or question for any member of staff you can always call the school office (0121 464 6746) and ask the office staff to make you an appointment for a call with them when they are available.


Thank again for your continuing support and understanding,


Mr Beale