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Wishing all our children and families Eid Mubarak this weekend!

Dear Parents/ Carers,


On behalf of everyone at Regents Park Community Primary School, I’d like to wish all of our children, parents and families a very happy Eid this weekend – Eid Mubarak to you all.


I know that Eid is a very special celebration for many of our children, families and staff. As I write this, we are still not exactly sure which day Eid will fall on for our families and staff and this makes it difficult to plan school attendance on Friday.


If Eid is tomorrow on Friday 21st April, we will not expect children (or staff) who are celebrating to attend school. Children who are celebrating Eid on Friday will be given an authorised absence. All other children who are not celebrating Eid will be expected to be in school.


If Eid doesn’t fall on Friday 21st April, we will expect all children to be in school as normal. Parents shouldn’t take children out of school to buy Eid clothes or presents or to prepare for the celebrations on Saturday. These absences will be unauthorised.


If Eid takes place on Saturday 22nd April, we will expect all children to be back in school as normal on Monday 24th April at 8.40am.


In order to celebrate Eid in school, we will allow all children to come to school wearing their Eid clothes or in non-uniform on Monday 24th April and to bring a small quantity of party food to share in the afternoon when classes will organise Eid celebrations in class. We would ask that party food is packaged (e.g. crisps, cakes, biscuits, etc – all nut-free please) rather than cooked at home so that staff can check on potential allergies for other children in the class. Also we would like to ask parents and children to make a £1 non-uniform donation to the children’s school fund- this can be sent in as cash or donated on sQuid. School fund helps to cover the cost of special events in school so that we can provide drinks and sandwiches for the party.



Also please be aware, that school may be partially closed due to NEU strike action coming up on Thursday 27th April and Tuesday 2nd May. I will confirm which classes will be affected next week when I have more information.


We hope that all our children, families and staff that are celebrating Eid have a wonderful weekend!


Mr Beale