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Y7 Transition Day - Y6 children working at home on Weds 7th July

Dear Parents/ Carers


Next Wednesday 7th July is due to be Year 7 Transition Day. Normally Y6 children would be out of school on this day visiting their new schools. However, because of COVID, many of the secondary schools are planning for children to take part in remote transition activities on this day. As there are different timetables and expectations for different schools, it is easier for children to take part in these remote tranisition activities at home so we are not expecting Y6 children to come into Regents Park next Wednesday 7th July.


Instead, children should take part in and complete the transition activities provided by secondary schools at home. We will also provide activities and work for children to complete online that will be shared with secondary schools. All these activities should be completed on that day so they can be sent on to the secondary schools. Please let us know in advance if your child needs to borrow a laptop or iPad for the day to complete the activities.


I'm sorry for the late message but unfortunately many secondary schools have not given us a lot of notice as to what they are planning to do on transition day; some haven't given us any notice at all.


If you have any issues with these arrangements that you wish to discuss, please feel free to ring the school office and a member of the leadership team will get back in touch with you.


Many thanks,


Mr Beale