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End of Year Newsletter

Dear Parents/ Carers,


Here we are at the end of what has been the most extraordinary academic year that any of us have ever known! Last September, none of us would have been able to predict what was going to happen in 2019-2020.


Obviously, the disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has been a terrible shame for all of the children at Regents Park, but particularly for those children in Year 6 who were working hard towards their final tests and then looking forward to celebrations with their friends before leaving for different secondary schools. The lockdown closure of school has also meant that many children have missed out on crucial learning at the earliest stage of a child’s education in Early Years and Key Stage 1 when learning to read is so important.


All of the children have missed out in one way or another but despite this there has been a lot of work going on to support the children and families of Regents Park and I know that many of you have commented on this to staff during fortnightly phone calls.


All staff have been busy during this period either working from home or at school to provide online learning or prepare packs to send out to families, supporting key worker children and vulnerable children in school, working with children that have retuned in bubbles in recent weeks, contacting families and offering support such as food vouchers, free school meal vouchers, assisting with families in crisis, loaning out school ICT equipment to families and much more. I’m sure you would like me to thank all of the staff for the way they have responded and adapted to support you and your children during the Coronavirus crisis and school closure.


Unfortunately, in September school will not return to normal completely although we are confident that school will be safe and so are looking forward to all the children returning.


You should by now have received a pack in which there is a booklet which explains the changes to the normal school organisation starting in September; these are changes which are designed to keep everyone safe – children, parents and staff. We need all parents to read the information fully and agree to follow the temporary procedures. There is a copy of the guidance on the Latest News pages of the school website and, using Google Translate, this can be translated in to home languages if you need it.


One of the most important changes in the Autumn term to affect you will be the staggered start and finish times each day which parents must agree to including a half day closure on Wednesdays. There is a sheet in the pack which indicates at what time you MUST arrive and collect your children and from where. We will only be using the Dixon road entrance for collection so it will be important that parents don’t think that they can all drive to the end of the road to park and turn around. We would advise that you walk but if you do need to drive then you should park away from school and walk to the Dixon Road entrance.


Also in the pack are your children’s reports for this year – please note that these are reports on your children’s work and progress up until the closure of school on March 20th. For each child there is also a welcome message from their new teacher for 2020-21.



There are a number of staff changes and other news to bring you up to date with:

  • Mrs Saleh has been working at Story Wood Primary School this year on secondment. I am pleased to tell you that she has been successful in the work she has been doing and has become the permanent Deputy Headteacher at the school. We thank her for everything she has done at Regents Park and all wish her the very best for the future.
  • Also leaving are Miss Bano, Mr Little, Mrs Kauser and Senora Holmes who are all moving on to further their careers in other settings. Again we are very grateful for their work at Regents Park and wish them all the very best for the future.
  • We have had a number of staff who are on maternity leave or who soon will be. Miss Martin and Mrs Deol have both begun maternity leave and I’m pleased to say that, despite the worry of giving birth during the height of the pandemic, have both had healthy new born babies
  • With Miss Martin on maternity leave, Mrs McDonald will be taking on her role as leader of Upper Key Stage 2 during the next year. We are pleased to welcome back Mrs Higby from maternity leave; Mrs Higby is returning part time so for now her role as EYFS leader will continue to be taken by Miss Turner.


Important dates so far for 2020-2021:

Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September 2020

School CLOSED – Staff Training Days

Thursday 3rd September 2020

School is OPEN to all children in Y1 to Y6

Wednesday 9th September 2020

This will be the first day that school will close at lunchtime – Please make sure you are able to arrange for your children to be collected at the allocated time

Monday 28th September

New Reception and Nursery children to begin at school

Friday 23rd October 2020

School CLOSES for half term

Monday 2nd November 2020

School REOPENS after half term

Friday 18th December 2020

School CLOSES for Christmas holidays

Monday 4th January 2020

School CLOSED – Staff training day

Tuesday 5th January 2020

School REOPENS for all pupils


Please remember to keep up to date with more school news on our school website, school app, twitter and by text message.


Have a wonderful Summer everyone and we look forward to seeing you all in September.


Yours faithfully,

Mr A Beale